Who is Mogli?

Born in Laval, grew up in Ste-Sophie in the Laurentians. This artist is rather homey in his genre and fiery in the desire to learn everything for himself. Since his early childhood Mogli developed a love for art in all its spheres without knowing that he was going to make a career of it as a painter.

As a teenager, he appropriated in his own way the art of making his guitar cry, just as his father liked to tell him so well. And overnight, he had acquired the notion without any practical lessons. As a young adult, he was hooked on racing cars, he decided to build his own Supercar. Determined and relentless, he put together a true masterpiece. His racing car went from a simple vehicle seen every day in the streets of the Metropolis to an artistic work that he assembled piece by piece. From the guitar to a tank makeover, from renovation to painting on a canvas, this artist knows how to showcase his talent and knows how to stand out through his originality.

He performs his works in the contemporary expressionism style, both in the style of abstract and realistic art. To bring to life the magic that emerges from his wall arts, Mogli juggles between oil painting and acrylic painting, sliding his knives and dancing his brushes.

Passionate, perfectionist and at the same time hard on himself. This talented artist never admits defeat, never letting go of his work as long as the work does not reflect the perfect happiness in his eyes for the desire of his customers.

Just like music, his art brings out a little “je ne sais quoi” in his paintings. You know when the sound of a melody straightens your hair on your skin or makes you cry without knowing why, this emotion that comes to seek you in your inner background and indeed in the eyes of many Mogli’s paintings gives us the same effect.

Mogli paints in his private studio in the Laurentians. You can also see his works by subscribing on his Facebook page